I'm Sewell Stephens

I'm a developer. Been creating B2B SaaS and Open Source material for some time. I have been creating stuff for 7 years and built my first fully functional SaaS product in 2020. I had worked on a few products prior, but never finished or released them 😞. I currently run Obeatow and Imgartfis previously owning Twayobiz and Rototer. I am passonate about what I create and hate dishonest feedback as I want to know really what the problem is.

Contact me: hey@mysewellstephens.com


Feedback and bug reporting software (2022-now)

Link shortener with powerful features (2021-2022)

ChatGPT Prompts
ChatGPT prompts for business owners (2023)

Imgartfis Creator
AI image generation (2023-now)

Blog posts

Creating a static site on a tight budget
May 22, 2023

Axios vs Javascript fetch
Apr 3, 2023

Why I chose Tailwind
Dec 23, 2022

Github Product Hunt

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