Sewell Stephens

I'm Sewell Stephens

I'm a software developer. Been creating B2B SaaS and Open Source material for some time. I have been creating stuff for nearly 8 years and built my first fully functional SaaS product in 2020. I had worked on a few products prior, but never finished or released them 😞. I currently run Obeatow and Imgartfis previously owning Twayobiz and Rototer. I am passonate about what I create and hate dishonest feedback as I want to know really what the problem is.

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Feedback and bug reporting software (Built in 2022)


Link shortener with powerful features (Built in 2021)

ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT prompts for business owners (Built in 2023)


Community of SaaS founders (Built in 2022)

Imgartfis Creator

AI image generation (Built in 2023)

Open source

Pritelmonkie - Iframe tracking

Friendly alternative to third party tracking cookies relying on iframes to send and recieve data. Made to last.

Hackarpoof - Hack proof helper

Prevent users from bypassing payment by redirecting user when trying to access blocked content rather than upgrade overlays that can be removed by inspector panel.

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