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Sewell Stephens

How to create Stripe billing system
Jan 7, 2023

Did you know that if you aren't taking advantage of Stripe payment links, you might be paying for unnessesary fees? Let me explain. If you use a site builder and CMS like Wix or Webflow, they usually make you pay extra for billing features. The thing is, you could do that all with Stripe payment links, database, API endpoints, and Zapier automations. Essentially, you use Zapier to connect to Stripes API and then you can connect to those API endpoints I mentioned earlier. Those API endpoints should then add data into a dataset and it should be set up to assign the plans to each user.

How do I do this?

You need a dataset that stores each users plan level in it based on Stripe API. You can use Stripes Zapier integration to check if user purchased plan, or canceled a plan. Heres what mine looks like

So when using Zapier, you need to connect to an API URL that will send the plan information into your dataset.

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